ANTACID - Advanced GUI front-end for Jakarta Ant.

Current Release: v1.5.15
Last Build: Fri Aug 09:13:27 MDT 2 2002


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AntAcid is a RAD tool to speed the creation of ant build files.
There is no need to know xml, which is ant's file format.


The Main Window - An opened workspace. AntAcid screenshot 0

The Main window - selecting the node:
AntAcid screenshot 1

Preview Panel - xml build file preview from the "Preview" menu choice:
AntAcid screenshot 2

Editing a Task, displaying nested tasks:
AntAcid screenshot 3

Displaying supported attributes of a Task:
AntAcid screenshot 4

Editing an XML comment:
AntAcid screenshot 5

The XML Layout Preferences Dialog, specify how to layout the xml elements and attributes:
AntAcid screenshot 6

It's intuitive enough... but for a quick read....yes a QUICK read.....

  1. make a workspace
  2. import your current build.xml file
  3. save your workspace
  4. explore the tree structure, and say "ooooooh, this is reaaaaaly nice" :).
  5. select your buildfile node, then select "Preview" from the popup menu.
  6. select the Preview tab panel on the right hand-side. Pritty xml.
  7. select the Attribute Table again.
  8. select the task node.
  9. select the attribute value cell for "name" in the Attribute Table.
  10. change the value to "this is a test", then hit to confirm the edit.
  11. press the "Save Attributes" button to save your changes into the Task.
  12. play with the other menu options.

Full Instructions here as included with Download package

Download v1.5.15

T Master ("Ultra Funkular")
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